Uncover your strengths with “STRENGTHSFINDER 2.0” by Tom Rath book review


“STRENGTHSFINDER 2.0” by Tom Rath is available on Amazon! Use this book whether you want to learn more about yourself (and how you can master your life by mastering your strengths) or whether you are doing some team building and need a great idea that will both improve every individual of your team but also the synergy of your team.

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The most powerful person in Hollywood ever “The Last Mogul” about Lew Wasserman book review


“The Last Mogul: Lew Wasserman, MCA, and the Hidden History of Hollywood” a biography written by Dennis McDougal.

A very interesting book about one of the most powerful figures to ever be in Hollywood. Get an insider’s view of the world of Hollywood power players and how the careers of those such as Alfred Hitchcock, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Jimmy Stewart, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas came to be. I would argue everyone who has ever wanted to “make it” in Hollywood needs to read this book to get a glimpse of what “has happened” behind the scenes. And while I am not saying “what happened behind the scenes” is still happening, at least you can learn about the history of it all and where people in the business might be coming from today.

Movies like “Bombshell” and other entertainment industry controversies have definitely shown what it means to hold influence in Hollywood. And very few have held as much influence as Wasserman (and while his morals seem significantly improved from Weinstein) because Wasserman’s vision seemed far beyond what the controversial people today have done.

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Still ugly after plastic surgery and why you should read “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz

In this book review, we consider one of the most influential books in personal development is “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz, MD. If the “Power of Positive Thinking,” and concepts like “Auto-Suggestion” don’t appeal to you, but you want to take on the challenges of self-improvement, this is a must read.

Although it goes over some of the ideas like Positive Thinking, mindset, and auto-suggestion, Psycho-Cybernetics is one of the first books (written by a doctor) to explain how it works specifically. If you are the type of person that must know how and why certain personal development/self-help concepts work, this is a must read.

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